We provide access to smart card technology for SME businesses with free development kit (for card application development), multi-application, multi-purpose, programmable Orb-Weaver smart card and low-cost, Orb-Weaver enabled, card controlled terminal (for executing Orb-Weaver smart card application).

Unlike conventional smart card technology, where development and deployment are necessarily a high cost infrastructure, our products are designed to be used on shared infrastructure, by putting the host application on card device instead of terminal, thus allowing application execution on any Orb-Weaver enabled terminal.


OrbLeaf founded based on vision of world where smart card technology is accessible to anyone, developer could write their card application with ease, with no need to understand basic hardware, highly affordable smart card technology and easy integration with any solution.

Our technologies are designed to meet our vision, and ranged from card operating system, Orb-Weaver enabled terminal operating system, cloud based card application distribution service, card application programming language, integrated development environment, card virtual machine and application framework.

See our demo page for more example of application


OrbLeaf founded with the sole mission to push Orb-Weaver technology into market by providing our customer with new kind of technological platform through a multi-purpose, multi-application environment and shared infrastructure.